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When it comes to health and fitness, we all have different goals. Perhaps you are looking to train for a certain event or perhaps you want to give your diet a complete overhaul while you might want to lose weight. Whatever your goals might be, we can help you achieve them with our expert online coaching.

We provide an exclusive range of services that are tailored to each individual because we understand that everyone is unique. Our aim is to support you, guide you, educate you and provide our expertise across all areas of health and fitness, ensuring you can set a target and reach it without feeling as though you are doing it on your own.
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When it comes to fitness and nutrition...

Why should you struggle when you can access the range of services that LH Fitness offers? Using our expertise and knowledge of fitness and nutrition, we can help you to make a positive change.

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Why We Are
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Many people set themselves a target, they start with plenty of encouragement only to find that they don’t hit their goals. There might be many reasons for this but without seeing the expected outcome, it can leave you feeling deflated and that is the reason why people might lose their way. However, with us by your side, you’ll benefit from our experience and understanding of all things health, fitness and diet.

We understand that finding the time to train can prove challenging, and keeping up with a personal trainer in person can also be difficult but this is where we differ. Our online fitness services offer convenience while still giving you access to our expertise, support and guidance. 
What Our Clients Think
  • Top fitness session this evening with #laurenceharveyfitness! Awesome circuits with lots of time and effort put into it to make it fantastic to improve fitness!

    James Carlton

  • Can't wait for my first session with Laurence coming up in March! Sounds like it's going to be a great session and hard work!

    Emma Carlton

How Do We
Keep You On Track?
We don’t give you your training plans and nutritional plans and leave you to get on with it. Using our experience in personal training and our ability to mentor each client, we can help you to make training and nutrition a part of everyday life. We create a support network with weekly check-ins to monitor your progress and we make ourselves available when you need us. Whether you have questions about the foods you eat or the type of training you are doing, we can point you in the right direction.

We have been providing our services since 2016 and this proves that we are completely committed to providing online coaching. From modern exercise practices to proven methods, unlimited alterations to your training and nutritional plan as well as training video analysis, we make sure we have everything covered.

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